The best bag factories in China & How to find them ?

As an importer, while doing business with bags factories in China, one of the biggest concerns is often quality.

Different price decides different quality grade.Before import, please confirm which grade of your bags you want to buy in advance,then you can receive the satisfied customized bags successfully at a reasonable price.

We recommend four grade options here:

Bags grade 1:

If your bag is a high grade brand for retail purposes, especially some leather bags, we recommend that you import them from our bags factory in Guangdong,China. Guangdong Province is China’s largest leather bag production center,includes Guangzhou city,Shenzhen city and Dongguan city etc. Here, there is a complete industrial chain, skilled workers, perfect quality control management, and convenient transportation. Many luxury bag brands are also OEM produced here, such as Prada, Prada, Gucci, Fossil and Calvin Klein and so on. The quality is good, but the price is more expensive. At the same time, The famous Canton Fair is held in Guangzhou every year.

Bags grade 2:

If your bags are positioned at mid-to-high grade quality,for retails or functional bags as a packing bag for your own products. We recommend that you purchase from the bag factories in Fujian Province,China, including the manufacturers in Quanzhou city and in Tongan and Jimei districts of Xiamen city.

For some complicated and traditional bags, such as

  • backpacks,
  • school bags
  • travel bags
  • Laptop bags
  • mountaineering bags
  • picnic bags
  • trolley bags

Quanzhou factory is a good choice. Brands such as Targu, Hello-kitty, Wal-mart and Disney all make OEM bags here all year round. These years, the factories in Quanzhou has a better labor cost advantage than the factories in Guangdong. Quanzhou is the strongest light industrial city in Fujian Province, with a large number of skilled workers and enough factories. In addition to bags, here is also an important production base for footwear and clothing. Similarly, the transportation here is well-developed, and it is about 1-1.5 hours’ drive from Xiamen shipping port and airport, which is convenient for export trade.

Some functional bags as a packing bag for your own products, such as

  • tool bags
  • ice packs
  • medical bags
  • cosmetic bags
  • shoe bags
  • wine bottle bags
  • Diaper bags
  • suit covers


Of course, including backpacks and travel bags, we also recommend them to be produced in the Xiamen factories, the quality and price here may be better than Quanzhou. It also has a stable industrial chain and skilled workers. Compared with Quanzhou, the scale of the bag industry is relatively small, but the geographical advantage here is unique. It only takes 20-30 minutes from the Xiamen Gaoqi Airport and about half an hour from the Xiamen sea port. Freight forwarders gather here, the international trade environment is excellent, and the inland freight charges for containers are lower.

Bags grade 3:

If you need to import promotional bags, but the quality requirements are relatively high, and the price is cheap. We suggest that you import bags from the factories in Xiamen, Fujian Province. There are many factories in Xiamen specializing in the production of promotional bags, such as

  • PP non-woven bags
  • drawstring bags
  • tote bags
  • folding shopping bags

Quality is guaranteed.

Bags grade 4:

If you need to import promotional bags, but the quality requirements are low, and the most important element is cheap. For example, PP non-woven bags, PP woven bags, etc., you can import from factories in Zhejiang Province, such as Yiwu, Cangnan, etc. A large proportion of bags here are produced by small family workshops, and the price is very advantageous, far below other cities. But the quality is a bit unstable. Yiwu is world-famous as a small commodity city. You can buy all kinds of cheap bags here, but you need to be cautious. The factories here are not good at producing complicated bags. Cangnan has a well-known packaging and printing industry. Here, it is suitable for making many beautiful printed canvas bags and PP non-woven bags, but you need to carefully select factories, pay attention to tracking production lines, and control the quality.

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